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From Habitat for Humanity:

​Two hundred thirty Habitat staff, board members, and volunteers from thirty-nine Habitat affiliates attended the ninth annual Ohio State Habitat conference in Columbus last Thursday and Friday. This was an opportunity to learn from other Habitat leaders the best practices on reducing sub-standard housing in Ohio. In 2016 more than 350 Ohio families were helped by Habitat Ohio with 25,000 volunteers logging over 400,000 hours

There were sessions on fund raising, recruiting volunteers, improving ReStores, and repairing homes. Several of your staff member made presentations. A special presentation was made by Ronald Ongopa, Habitat Donor Manager in Uganda. 

The Amesville Blitz Build is this week on Friday and Saturday. We expect up to 60 people each day to help move the house from sub-floor to “under roof”. If you would like to help any part of those two days let Samantha ( know on which days you would like to sign up.  

Current Habitat Builds and Unbuilds (aka Deconstruction): 

  AMESVILLE, OH contact
Blitz Build, Nov. 10-11 (60 [sixty] volunteers needed)

Do you want some “retail experience”? If so, you might consider volunteering at one of our ReStores (Athens and Zanesville). They are always looking for people to help. And, while you are there, you may find that they have things you might need for your own home. Drop on by and tell them Ed sent you.

Upcoming Dates:

Nov. 10-11. Blitz Build, Amesville

Yours in Habitat Service,

Ed Baum

p.s. If you are wondering why you received this on Sunday, it is because I am having a minor eye procedure on Monday and on Tuesday I work at one of the voting precincts in Athens. I didn't want to wait until Wednesday to bring you up-to-date. While I am at it, be sure to vote on Tuesday!!!

Yours in Habitat Service,

Ed Baum

To donate to Habitat for Humanity click the link below.

Mittens For Sale             $8.00

Many of our members purchased mittens that were made by me at the Fan Fair on November 9th. The mittens were made of recycled sweaters and lined with polar fleece. So warm!

I would be willing to make you a pair of mittens if you will provide the sweater.

If you are interested, 
contact Margaret Murrey at