Are you new to the Athens area?
Have you been here a while?
Are you looking for something to do?

Then AFAN is for YOU!


AFAN is  a non-profit social organization based in Athens, Ohio for women. Founded in 1969,  it assists women from Athens and the surrounding communities to make friends and become better acquainted with the area.  With over 300 members, belonging to AFAN is open to  anyone, no matter how long they have been in the area.  Dues are $15.00 per year.


AFAN opens the year with an evening reception in September.
Monthly luncheons or dinners are held on the second Thursday of each month through May.  In addition, there are Special Event trips to interesting places in Ohio on the  fourth Thursday of each month.


The heart of AFAN is our Interest Groups where small groups of members meet to     share a common interest.  Some of our current interest groups include: Antiques & Collectibles, Geneology, Knitting,  Book Review, Bridge, Euchre, Hooked on Crochet, Gourmet, Hiking, Needlework, Tongue and Thimble, Pho-tos(Scrapbooking), Quilting, Lunch Bunch, and Women Who WhINE

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During the year new and prospective members are invited to attend our Newcomers' Coffees.  This gives us an opportunity to get to  know our new members and introduce them to other members.

Athens Friends and Newcomers

Welcome to AFAN!
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AFAN Board Members 

      It was great to see so many people in attendance at our April meeting. Everyone really seemed to enjoy the melodic voices of the Leading Tones, A Cappella singers from OU; they were well received and looked like they were having a great time themselves. 

     Our last meeting before summer is coming up in May with the installation of officers, and of course, the Senior Showcase of Interest Groups. I hope your interest groups are planning something!! Each group will have display space as well as a time in the program to tell about their group. It will be fun to see what the other groups have done all year! This should spur us on to try new groups next year.  
    At least the weather is cooperating for now, I’m loving this “spring” weather. It’s exactly how I want it– nice and sunny. 
                                    Janis Tysko    
Looking Back...  
A while ago, I was looking at the 1987-88 AFAN Cookbook and enjoyed seeing recipes from current members and friends as well as those who are no longer with us. It provided a connection to our history that added depth to my appreciation for AFAN today. Their cookbook was an expression of our AFAN theme, “Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is a progress, Working together is success.” In our desire to make the 50th year Celebration of AFAN very special, we would like to compile another cookbook as a keepsake for all current members. We would like each member to contribute two of their favorite recipes for the anniversary cookbook. The committee would like to begin working on the book this summer so start thinking of appetizers, salads, soups, breads, main dishes and desserts.   
   I spent some time at the Southeast Ohio History Center going through AFAN archives to learn when Special Events began and the different types over the years. They have always been popular and well attended. It was the summer of 1969, just after AFAN officially started, when a few events were planned: family picnic, swim party, New Year’s Eve party and a spring dance held in 1970. After the first year, Special Events became more frequent throughout the year. Some early programs were an Open House at OU President Sowle’s home, a casino night, a card & game party night, an ice skating party, a beauty day at Tri-County, and a Christmas Ball. Through the years, there have been factory tours (Krema Nut, Anthony Thomas, Pottery, Stockmeister Mushroom, Washboard Factory, Middleton Doll, Fenton Glass, and Longaberger Baskets). There have been shopping trips to the French Market in Columbus, Parkersburg, WV, Wheeling Factory Outlets and Logan Antiques. Early years included events around the OU campus – tours of the RTV Building, Drama department, and a bus tour of campus. They even went to an OU basketball game! There have also been tours at AmeriFlora and the Columbus Flower Show, as well as museums in Marietta, Gallipolis, and Morgan County. Special Events have been a part of AFAN since nearly the beginning of its existence. They are still going strong now with innovative ideas presented each year. 

​     During the 1987-88 AFAN year, members contributed to creating an AFAN cookbook. It was a collection of recipes from members and collated into a beautiful cookbook. Members sent their favorite recipes to be published.  
After learning about this project completed 30 years ago, some have suggested we do this again. The board discussed the idea last week and decided to see if there is interest in doing another cookbook. So far two members have stated that they would help with this proposed project. If you are willing to help with this endeavor, please email or call me. With current technology, it should be easier to get this project off the ground – many hands make light work. Think about it and get in touch. 
  I mentioned in the November ‘Looking Back’ about fall receptions and interest groups like Tongue and Thimble. I was just at the Southeast History Center, where some of the AFAN records are archived. (Thanks go to Kim Knapp-Brown for volunteering to archive our records there.) After looking over early newsletters and the Special Interest Group notebooks, I’m amazed at the variety of groups AFAN had. Many of the same groups are what we have today, such as, all levels of bridge, Book Review, Tongue & Thimble and Gourmet. Originally, they even had Ceramics with 58 people signed up, painting, slimnastics, horseback riding, bowling and ice skating. This would certainly be great weather for ice skating! Maybe some of you might be interested in getting one of these Interest groups regenerated. 
 We recently held our Newcomer’s Coffee in October. I did some checking about previous coffees. Early in AFAN’s years, there were many coffees held each year, almost always held at someone’s home. Some were in the daytime while others in the evening. In 1979, I remember receiving a call inviting me to a coffee and if I could attend, a member from AFAN would pick me up. I remember sitting in a circle with lots of other women, talking and enjoying a dessert and coffee. In more recent years, the coffees have been pared down to one or two a year. A few years ago, we held two coffees, one in the daytime in the Fall and one in the evening in the Spring. All newcomers to the group were invited as well as board members (who usually provided food.) The past couple of years, there has been only one Newcomer’s Coffee usually held in the daytime in the Fall. Again, all newcomers were invited. This year we had a lovely luncheon at the Athens Country Club and had five newcomers and five board members present. Things have changed as we welcome new people to town. Most seem to have a very busy schedule and many women work nowadays. Its always nice to welcome in our newcomers to AFAN.  I did some research into past FanFair events. I had thought they were a program event offered every other year, but no, they started November 1986 as a craft show and quickly became a yearly tradition. The FanFair was held every year from 1986 to 1996 at The Sportsman (on W. Union St.). The show was held 1997-1999 at the American Legion Hall on W. Union St. and the rest have all been at The Plains United Methodist Church. I could only find four years when other programs were held instead of FanFair; 2000, 2006, 2011, and 2016. The early years (through the 90s) were held at 7:30 or 8:00 pm with desserts and then in the 2000s they started occurring earlier in the evening. The event runs about the same as it was originally set up as; crafts made by AFAN members only and no charge for those vendors to display their items to sell. The ‘funny money’ prizes were first given out in 1999. There were six $5.00 prizes. For many years the members demonstrated how to make a craft at their booth. Some of the early FanFair events at The Sportsman, offered babysitting in another room!  

    AFAN had its very first Reception on September 11, 1969 at The Sportsman restaurant in Athens. A total of 120 members attended and signed up for 19 interest groups. One of those groups was Tongue and Thimble, which is still an interest group. That group was first chaired by Marilyn Brown (White), who currently resides in Florida. Members met monthly in homes and the co-hostesses provided the food. Members brought their sewing, knitting, or just came to visit. This group currently meets on the third Wednesday of each month from 10-12 am. How amazing that it has been in existence for 49 years!! Everyone is welcome. 
 The idea for our group began in the summer and fall of 1968 when a few OU faculty wives met with some Athens community members to discuss forming a social group for all women in the community.  These six women headed up a steering committee of 14 members. They had no name nor no money, but their desire to start a newcomers group grew. The original name was Athens Friends and Newcomers, which was later changed to Athens Friends and Neighbors. 

     The main principles of the group were to meet monthly for lunch and have interest groups. When at least two people were interested, it was a group. Yearly dues were $2.00. The first meeting was held in January 1969. Sixty-six women showed up and sixty joined, so they had $120 in their budget. Stay tuned for more to come throughout the year. 

    The Theme of AFAN since founding – 
Coming together is a beginning, 
Working together is progress, 
Staying together is success. 
(Henry Ford) 

    The Motto of AFAN since founding – 
I look upon every day to be lost
 in which I do not make a new acquaintance. (Samuel Jackson) 

      Both of these are so pertinent to AFAN today, even though they were chosen 49 years ago. The group has come, worked, and stayed together for all these years, what a tribute to those founding members. 

A Letter From Our President
There once was a newcomer in town, 
Having no friends made her frown. 
So she joined the group AFAN 
And off to activities she ran. 
Now she has friends all around.